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Two of our clients took delivery of Legacy 500 jets in December 2015, and so far, we are impressed.

The Embraer Legacy 500 is a new entry in the midsize jet category, although it competes with aircraft more traditionally categorized as super-midsize jets. The classification reflects Embraer’s intention to maximize value for the customer.

Highlights of the Embraer Legacy 500:

  • It has a base price $4 – 5M less than its most direct competitors, although it competes very well in cabin size and appointments.
  • It’s the first super-midsize or midsize jet to offer fly-by-wire technology. The only other business jet with comparable technology costs twice as much (Falcon 7x).
  • Embraer employees provided excellent service to our mutual clients and their “quality” culture is very impressive.

Initial entry into service has been smooth for both of 88West Aviation’s clients that took delivery of these aircraft, and we will be following both operations to monitor performance. So far, we can offer an enthusiastic endorsement for the Embraer Legacy 500.

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