Finding and purchasing the ideal corporate jet can be overwhelming. 88West Aviation will personally walk you through the entire aircraft acquisition process, from initial analysis to sale closing.

If you’re in the market to purchase a corporate jet, 88West Aviation provides industry-proven insight to ensure that your best interests are represented at every stage. It’s a transparent process that’s solely focused on you, our client, and offered for a single flat fee.

Phase 1: Analysis

What are the intended uses for the aircraft? What is your budget? What features do you require? You’ll come away from our initial consultation with established expectations about aircraft performance and expected costs.

Phase 2: Evaluate Your Options

We’ll develop a list of aircraft types and models that meet your needs. We’ll compare new and used options, and prepare a detailed financial analysis to help you choose the best approach.

Phase 3: Locate an Aircraft

88West Aviation will conduct a worldwide search for suitable aircraft. Using industry databases as well as our own proprietary database, exclusive dealer network, and vast network of industry contacts, we can identify off-market aircraft that often offer the best value and are difficult or impossible for direct consumers to locate.

Phase 4: Evaluate the Aircraft

Once we have identified a target aircraft, we will assemble a team of experts who specialize in the particular model for an on-site evaluation. We’ll inspect the jet and its logbooks before you incur the cost of a deposit or pre-purchase inspection — this due diligence saves you time and money by finding potential problems before you’re deep into the purchasing process.

Phase 5: Negotiate the Sale

Your best interests are always front and center — we conduct real-time research to determine the fair price for the aircraft and use this knowledge to negotiate on your behalf. This insider knowledge can translate into considerable savings for you.

Phase 6: Pre-Purchase Inspection and Representation

To ensure that your needs are being met and to protect you from any surprises after closing, 88West Aviation will be on site during the pre-purchase inspection of the jet.

Phase 7: Closing the Sale

All interested parties, including your legal and tax representatives, will come together for a smooth, final sale transaction overseen by 88West Aviation.

Aircraft ownership is one of the most significant financial commitments you’ll ever make. Protect your investment by trusting 88West Aviation to manage your aircraft purchase or upgrade.

Whether you are a first-time aircraft buyer or are upgrading an existing aircraft, contact us to learn more about how 88West Aviation can help you.