88West Aviation has developed a vast network of industry contacts to maximize our ability to find exactly the right buyer for the aircraft you’re selling.

Selling an aircraft is a complicated transaction that requires ethical representation to ensure the needs of both the buyer and seller are met.
Aircraft are highly individual, so determining the value of an aircraft can be difficult. Value is based on a number of factors, including added equipment as well as flight, maintenance and ownership history. But 88West Aviation has the experience and industry insight to navigate the divestiture process and ensure that you’re getting the right price for your aircraft.

Step 1: Aircraft Analysis

Your jet is unique. We’ll thoroughly analyze your aircraft and note details that will ensure it stands out in what can be a confusing marketplace for buyers.

Step 2: Prepare for Marketing

Your aircraft will be introduced on the global stage with world-class photography and written presentations, highlighting those key details that we know will attract attention.

Step 3: Active Promotion

Your aircraft will be actively promoted through our global network of dealers and brokers, and we’ll ensure the market understands its unique value proposition. We’ll utilize industry databases as well as our own proprietary database and exclusive dealer network contacts to identify the ideal buyer.

Step 4: Work with the Buyer

Your best interests are always paramount. We will be onsite to supervise the pre-purchase inspection, provide guidance, and review all discrepancies and corrective actions to prepare for a smooth closing process.

Step 5: Closing

Your legal and tax representatives will be part of the closing to ensure a smooth final transaction.

Please contact 88West Aviation to learn more about our divestiture services.